Student Dependent Visa (for partners and families)

A student visa would usually allow you to bring family members, spouses or kids (less than 18 years old) as dependents on your student visa.   

Eligibility Criteria for Australian Dependent Student Visas: 

For dependent spouse or partner: 

  • The dependent must be your spouse (the person you are married to) or partner (including same sex partners) 
  • If the dependent is your partner, you must have been living with your partner for at least 12 months 

For dependent children: 

  • The dependent child must be your child or your partner’s child 
  • The child must not be married  
  • The child must be less than 18 years old and must be still in continuous education  

Please note that the work rights granted for the dependent partner: 

  • If the student studies a bachelor’s degree, the dependent partner can work up to 40 hours per fortnight 
  • If the student studies a master’s degree (coursework or research) or a doctorate degree, the partner will have full and unlimited work rights 

If your dependents will be moving to Australia at the same time as you: 

You can include them in your own student visa application  

If your dependents were listed on your original student visa application, but will join you after you’ve commenced your studies:  

They can join you as subsequent entrants. They will need to apply for a Student visa (subclass 500) (Subsequent Entrant)  

You must:  

  • Have a letter from your school to confirm that you are still studying  
  • Submit the other documents required  

If someone becomes your dependent after your visa has been granted (for example, becomes your spouse):  

In this case, if you did not declare a family member on your initial visa application, and they need to join you in Australia at a later date, you will need to apply for a new student visa and include our family member on the new application.   

If you give birth while in Australia:  

You need to notify the Department of Home Affairs of your newborn child. then, they will get the same visa as you.